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Places to Beat the Summer Heat with Kids in Phoenix

With Phoenix being ranked as one of the hottest cities in America, summers can seem like a downer sometimes. However, there’s a lot to do in the Phoenix area during the summer months, and you won’t even have time to feel the ruthless heat!
These options are going to save your summer. From waterparks to outdoor sites, splash pads, and more, your family will have an unforgettable time having a blast and cooling off. Take a look at our top picks for places to beat the summer heat with kids in the Phoenix area:


455 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix

Phoenix Zoo’s Water Play Areas

The Phoenix Zoo features three amazing water play areas for kids to splash and has a blast! From the Enchanted Forest in which kids will splash through the river to the Leapin’ Lagoon where they can enjoy the water jets and the Yakulla Caverns where they will find multiple fun splash pads!

If you want even more options of places to visit during Summer in the Phoenix area, check out the complete list of Splash Pads around Phoenix for free options, or the Waterparks and Pools list if you want to enjoy slides and rides!

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