OdySea Mirror Maze




Open Daily 10am-5pm


Mirror Maze All-Day Pass$9.95

Laser Maze – 1 Walkthrough$3.95

Laser Maze – 2 Walkthroughs$5.00

Laser Maze – 5 Walkthroughs$10.00

Mirror Day Pass & 1 Laser Walkthrough$12.95

Children under 2 are free with the purchase of an adult ticket.

About OdySea Mirror Maze

Prepare to find the right path through this amazing Mirror Maze! This awesome adventure sends visitors on the trails of a rare butterfly lined with mirrors with infinite reflections, twisting corners, dead ends, dummy loops, and so much more!
At the mirror maze, make your way across the chasm on a rickety bridge as monkeys screech and anacondas hiss! You will go on the hunt for the evasive butterfly as you explore the deep, dark Central American rainforest and try to find your way through a maze of jungle, false passages, mirrors, and even an ancient Mayan Temple!
The Laser Maze will sharpen your ninja skills as you duck, twist, and crawl your way through a web of lasers. You will have to make it through the vault and hit your mission buttons without being zapped by the laser beams! Is not as easy as it sounds, you will have to be very flexible and quick to make it through the other side… if you trip too many lasers, you will have to start all over again.
Beam Buster is all about running, jumping, and chopping your way to a high score. Beam Buster was made for the young and young at heart, the more lasers you break, the higher score you can achieve in only 30 seconds!
What are you waiting for to visit Odysea Mirror Maze and Laser Maze? The mirror mazes are challenging adventures for the body and mind. As the pathways are surrounding by mirrors, you can see infinite reflections, impossible corridors, and mind-bending light effects! Also, imagine entering a dark room and a web of lasers pops to life in front of you, and your mission becomes to navigate the lasers as quickly as possible! The entire family can enjoy this awesome and fun venue, one of the many cool places to have fun for families in Arizona!

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