IDEA Museum




Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Thursday: 9 a.m – 4 p.m

Friday: 9 a.m- 6 p.m

Saturday: 9 a.m – 4 p.m

Sunday: 12 p.m – 4 p.m


Admission: $9/person

Free for members and those under age 1.

About IDEA Museum

Kids love visiting the IDEA Museum, and so do adults! It inspires all ages of kids to experience the world through art, science, creativity, technology, and imagination. There are many art and hands-on activities that aim to support early learning, creative thinking, and engage families.
The entire family can enjoy art-inspired activities combined with science, engineering, and design-thinking in multi-sensory experiences! The IDEA Museum’s purpose is to develop one’s creativity in its many forms and not just art.
The i.d.e.a. Museum is built upon the solid and successful 36-year history of the Arizona Museum for Youth, the original, fun, inspiring, and educational hands-on art museum for children and families in the United States.
The activities and exhibition for kids of all ages focus on three key pillars: supporting early learning, nurturing creative thinking, and engaging families, that’s why the i.d.e.a museum inspires children to experience their world in a unique and different way. These activities and exhibitions are not only developed for children, but for the whole family!
Nearly 90,000 children of all ages and backgrounds are inspired annually by providing art exhibitions and STEAM activities to experience new ways of seeing their world. This is essential for making the community diverse and the best it can be!
Besides the amazing art exhibitions, you can fin Messy Creation classes, fun camps, and other workshops that aim to spark curiosity and a love for learning! One of the favorites is ArtVille, where kids can explore, discover, and learn through tactile experiences and imaginative play in a town all about art!
If you want to take your class, group, or family on an artful journey that sparks creativity and nourishes young minds, the IDEA museum is one of the best options! Don’t miss one of the best kid-friendly places in Arizona!

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